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ConTeXt Group Journal 2019

CG Journal 2019, p. 5-6
5-6.pdf (45kb)

The sound of data: Electronic TeX promotion in the nineties
Frans Goddijn
CG Journal 2019, p. 7-9
7-9.pdf (7226kb)

Sparks, tags, suffixes and subscripts
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2019, p. 10-21
abstract: MetaPost variables are rather complicated things. This talk will attempt to explain the various uses of type declarations, saves, and vardefs.
10-21.pdf (146kb)

XML to PDF with ConTeXt
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2019, p. 22-41
22-41.pdf (227kb)

Presentations in XML: Using XML with the simpleslides module
Thomas A. Schmitz
CG Journal 2019, p. 42-53
abstract: XML has become the de-facto standard for information exchange. It is a highly versatile and flexible markup language which can be processed in many different ways. ConTeXt MkIV has sophisticated and powerful tools to process XML. This article will show how you can write presentations in XML and process them in ConTeXt. It is meant for beginners and intermediate users.
42-53.pdf (117kb)

Text Analysis of Classical Authors with ConTeXt: From Text to XML to PDF
Thomas A. Schmitz
CG Journal 2019, p. 54-71
abstract: In my classes, I often provide lists of vocabulary for the (Greek or Latin) authors that we are studying. I use ConTeXt not only to typeset these lists, but also as a tool for extracting them from pure text files. The ConTeXt distribution contains a number of helpers that make it more convenient to use than pure Lua.
54-71.pdf (190kb)

What’s in a name?
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2019, p. 72-76
72-76.pdf (4299kb)

LPEG for TeXies: It is not too hard!
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2019, p. 77-98
abstract: One of the embedded Lua modules in LuaTeX is called LPEG. This article is an introduction to LPEG for new users. It assumes some passing knowledge of Lua as a programming language but treats LPEG as a completely new subject.
While explaining the basics of LPEG, we will create the beginnings of a streaming XML parser.
77-98.pdf (172kb)

Life Between Words
Pavneet Arora
CG Journal 2019, p. 99-105
99-105.pdf (100kb)

Willi Egger
CG Journal 2019, p. 106-116
abstract: The Dwarsligger is a handy book format which flips open over the spine. The text is typeset parallel to the spine. This book fits into almost any pocket. The design is patent protected although it is a nice showcase for what you can achieve with ConTEXt. This article discusses the basic layout and arrangement of pages for preparing sections and shows a method of placing collating marks on the page edges.
106-116.pdf (65386kb)

A special-format multilingual document
Arthur Reutenauer
CG Journal 2019, p. 117-118
117-118.pdf (7523kb)

TeX at Chaos Communication Camp: Ziegeleipark Mildenberg, August 21st to 25th 2019
Henning Hraban Ramm
CG Journal 2019, p. 119-125
abstract: Chaos Communication Camp is a tent camp for ‘hackers’, organized every four years by Chaos Computer Club. In 2019 there was for the first time a TeX/LaTeX village.
119-125.pdf (43053kb)

Wiki status update: What has been done in the past year?
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2019, p. 126-127
abstract: This is a status report on the ongoing work to the ConTeXt wiki. Most of the work in the past year has been related to software updates.
The wiki resides at
126-127.pdf (73kb)

Abstracts without papers
CG Journal 2019, p. 128-129
128-129.pdf (5590kb)

Minutes Membersmeeting 2019
CG Journal 2019, p. 130-134

Participant list of the 13th ConTeXt meeting
CG Journal 2019, p. 135
135.pdf (41kb)