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ConTeXt Group Journal 2015

CG Journal 2015, p. 5-6
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Impressions of the 9th ConTeXt-meeting
Giuanna Egger
CG Journal 2015, p. 7-8
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Status of ConTeXt
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2015, p. 10
abstract: We all know that ConTeXt is a fast moving target. It is therefore a good thing to shortly present the current status of development.
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Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2015, p. 11-12
abstract: Documentation is a recurring issue on the mailing-list. Writing documentation is generally done in parallel with developing code as this helps consistency. Where in the past there was one 'big' manual, nowadays separate manuals are written on specific parts of the system. Boekplan has been set up in order to sell manuals but this does not pay off. The usergroup developed ambitious plans for writing manuals and hopefully, those who subscribed to work on this will produce results. Documentation will surely be on the agenda during the 10th ConTeXt-meeting also.
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Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2015, p. 13-18
abstract: There are a number of arguments in favor of having a general structured document as XML. This format allows coding validation and processing it into different other outputformats. Provided that the document at hand is nicely structured and coded in ConTeXt it is possible to export it to XML. This article describes input and output results and shows how to create an 'EPUB' from the XML sources.
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About Mobility - Flash forward
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2015, p. 19-22
abstract: Mobility is a central issue nowadays. We see the appearance of very small devices that are in fact personal computers. During the 7th ConTeXt-meeting in Brejlov there were a couple of such devices and after successful installation of TeX they were tested on suitability for processing text-files. Although a laptop or a desktop machine is superior it is quite acceptable to use such a device while traveling. It will be interesting to see next developments.
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The (New) Font Loader
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2015, p. 23-26
abstract: Recently, ConTeXt switched to a new font loader written from scratch in Lua. The new loader is faster on some aspects and slower on others, and uses a little less memory. The new loader gives more efficient tables, allows more programming hooks, and has a bit more analysis. In theory the processing of text should be somewhat faster especially for complex fonts with many lookups.
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MlBibTeX & ConTeXt: Face-to-Face
Jean-Michel Hufflen
CG Journal 2015, p. 27-48
abstract: We summarize what the MlBibTeX bibliography processor can provide to the ConTeXt typesetting system, even if MlBibTeX has been initially designed to work with LaTeX. We review the successive steps of tasks performed by MlBibTeX, and show how some significant differences between LaTeX and ConTeXt can be managed. In addition we show how some of these tasks may be interfaced by means of external functions called by ConTeXt. We also mention some original features of MlBibTeX, including those introduced by the new version, still in development. Last but not least, MlBibTeX can allow ConTeXt users to take advantage of constructs introduced by the biblatex package.
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Czech and Slovak Typesetting Rules - Differences and Settings for ConTeXt
Tomáš Hála
CG Journal 2015, p. 49-51
abstract: This contribution deals with comparison of the rules in Czech and Slovak languages. Some of these items in Czech and Slovak differ considerably from those in other languages. All important items have been compared with facilities in the typesetting system ConTeXt and it seems that some situations have not been covered in configuration files. Therefore, several suggestions for language settings have been made in order to make ConTeXt more general and comfortable for ordinary users.
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PDF Bookmarks
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2015, p. 52-54
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Why f-holes?
Willi Egger
CG Journal 2015, p. 55-58
abstract: This year is dedicated to a big project which is building a violin. During this year's BachoTeX there was a presentation on the actual building of such an instrument. Just before the ConTeXt meeting Hans Hagen came up with the question, why the sound holes in the violin has the shape of an f, and whether it would be possible to use another (glyph) shape. The article reveals new knowledge about these holes and discusses restrictions. Although sound holes had different shapes in the past it appears, that the wellknown f-shape has definitely technical advantages and fits the design of the instrument perfectly.
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Abstracts without papers
Various authors
CG Journal 2015, p. 59
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Participant list of the 9th ConTeXt meeting
CG Journal 2015, p. 60

Minutes Membersmeeting 2015
CG Journal 2015, p. 61-64