ConTEXt Group: Articles

ConTeXt Group Journal 2012

CG Journal 2012, p. 5-6

CrafTeX - Applying TeX and friends in crafts
Mari Voipio
CG Journal 2012, p. 7
7.pdf (51kb)

MetaPost: PNG Output
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2012, p. 8-9
abstract: The latest version of Metapost (1.80x) has a third output backend: it is now possible to generate PNG bitmaps directly from within Metapost.
8-9.pdf (130kb)

Database publishing with the speedata Publisher
Patrick Gundlach
CG Journal 2012, p. 10
10.pdf (39kb)

Minutes of the 2nd ConTeXt Group membership meeting
CG Journal 2012, p. 11-12

MetaPost path resolution isolated
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2012, p. 13-18
abstract: A new interface in MPLib version 1.800 allows one to resolve path choices programmatically, without the need to go through the MetaPost input language.
13-18.pdf (365kb)

Parsing PDF content streams with LuaTeX
Taco Hoekwater
CG Journal 2012, p. 19-23
abstract: The new pdfparser library in LuaTeX allows parsing of external PDF content streams directly from within a LuaTeX document. This paper explains its origin and usage.
19-23.pdf (285kb)

MFLua: Instrumentation of MF with Lua
Luigi Scarso
CG Journal 2012, p. 24-35
abstract: We present MFLua, a MetaFont version which is capable of code in- strumentation and has an embedded Lua interpreter that allows glyphs curves extraction and post-processing. We also show and discuss an example of a MetaFont source processed by MFLua to output an OpenType font.
24-35.pdf (852kb)

Conference portfolio (workshop)
Willi Egger
CG Journal 2012, p. 36-40
abstract: In accordance to the conference's theme, a workshop for making a portfolio binder has been held. The portfolio was made so it could carry the papers for the conference, such as preprints of the proceedings, additional papers and the carpenter's pencil given to each participant. The construction is made from a single sheet of cardboard with folded flaps along three sides, so that it completely envelopes the content. The portfolio is held closed by a black elastic band.
36-40.pdf (258kb)

Simple Spreadsheets
Hans Hagen
CG Journal 2012, p. 41-51
41-51.pdf (585kb)

Oriental TeX: optimizing paragraphs
Hans Hagen & Idris Samawi Hamid
CG Journal 2012, p. 52-81
52-81.pdf (5425kb)

MlBibTeX and Its New Extensions
Jean-Michel Hufflen
CG Journal 2012, p. 82-91
abstract: These last years, MlBibTeX's kernel functions have been reused and extended in order to put new programs about bibliographies into action. Examples are the hal program, allowing an open archive site to be populated, the mlbiblatex program, building bibliographies suitable for the biblatex package, the mlbibcontext program, doing the same task for ConTeXt documents. We show how all these programs are organised, and explain how some operations can be refined or extended. For a point of view related to efficiency, the programs mlbiblatex and mlbibcontext are written using Scheme only, so they are more efficient than analogous programs that would interpret a .bst bibliography style of bibTeX.
82-91.pdf (677kb)

Demonstration of the mlbibcontext Program
Jean-Michel Hufflen
CG Journal 2012, p. 92-93
abstract: This short statement aims to sketch the broad outlines of the presentation performed at the 6th ConTeXt meeting.
92-93.pdf (158kb)

Abstracts without papers
Various authors
CG Journal 2012, p. 94-95
94-95.pdf (98kb)

Participant list of the 6th ConTeXt meeting
CG Journal 2012, p. 96